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    光のささやき*・゜ (by mizulys*)

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    Jusepe de Ribera, Jacob’s Dream, 1639

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  3. artist guilt


    when you want to draw but youre too stressed to do well on commissions and too guilt laden about the commissions thing to draw personal art so you just become an ouroboros of procrastination and anxiety

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  4. Joan Smalls after Dior haute couture, Paris, July 2013

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  5. thehousehome:

    at home with joseph dirand in paris


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    He Jiaying, peintre chinois contemporain

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  8. Robert Smithson - Yucatan Mirror Displacements, 1969.

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    Inmemorable (Mujeres importantes en la historia) - Unmemorable (Important women in history), Sonia Lazo

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    Angela Pham

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  11. blackfashion:

    Plain White Crop Top (Bows on Back) ; Dark & Light Blue High Waisted Tie-Dye Skirt ; Grey and White Striped Socks ; Burgundy Doc Martens 

    Model: Charlene Anderson, 18, Boston

    Submitted by: MelaninGawd.tumblr.com @Ohdamncharlene (IG)

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    Misotsuchi, Chichibu, Japan

    三十槌の氷柱 by TsgY on Flickr.

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    Sunrise 06.11.2013 

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