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  2. Alex Dunstan by James White - DSECTION Magazine #11

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  5. Anushka Sharma at Burberry SS15.

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  6. The Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s Villa) in Tivoli, Italy.

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    It’s been 6 months since this project started. It came as an idea late at night with a conversation among friends. The immense support that this  has received even further proves the lack for a supportive safe space for marginalized communities to thrive because it’s no longer just about survival. 

    I hope more than anything this serves as the catalyst for POC to pursue whatever is that we want to pursue because we deserve that and to carve out a space that is so rightfully ours. 

    Basically, this is a drawn out thank you, so thank you very much. XOXOXO

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    The Weeknd // Wicked Games

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    FKA Twigs on the cover of Glamcult

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    Two more kickers: “There’s absolutely no benefit seen when women reach out to female faculty, nor do we see benefits from black students reaching out to black faculty or Hispanic students reaching out to Hispanic faculty,” and, “In business academia, we see a 25 percentage point gap in the response rate to Caucasian males vs. women and minorities.” Word, this sounds great, we’re doing great. [NPR]

    But white male privilege doesn’t exist?

    And then there’s this:

    Milkman found there were very large disparities between academic departments and between schools. Faculty at private schools were significantly more likely to discriminate against women and minorities than faculty at public schools. And faculty in fields that were very lucrative were also more likely to discriminate. So there was very little discrimination in the humanities. There was more discrimination among faculty at the natural sciences. And there was a lot of discrimination among the faculty at business schools.

    Uh-huh tell me again how science and money are ideologically neutral.

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    Kotori Kawashima’s stunning portraits of his young daughter are collected in his book, Mirai Chan.

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    Tavares Strachan - Invisible Astronaut (2013)

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    John Pfahl - Smoke Series (1988-99)

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    so beautiful!

    (the last two lines in Japanese above me are a list of the wagashi in this delicate little arrangement.)

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